Yoga With My Little Helper

The first few times I did yoga with my baby around it was far from peaceful. I was used to practicing alone, in silence and she was typically in need of some attention and wanting to be held.

In the past, if Ryan walked by me while practicing in the livingroom I got distracted and lost focus, but now having a little bean crawling all around me, pulling my hair, asking to be picked up and bringing me treasures (usually bits of leaves or twigs) has really changed the name of the game.

Some days it doesn’t work, I have a hard time getting into it and we end up playing on the slide (this video will come soon). But on days that it works, it’s beautiful outside and she is just happy to be around me, it really is magical! That is what yoga is all about for me, it is less about the perfect pose and 45 uninterrupted minutes on the mat and more about enjoying the moment, going with the flow with the added benefit of stretching out a little bit. Sometimes I even get lucky enough to receive numerous hugs and kisses from her while I’m on my mat, this can be seen at around 1:56 in the video <heart bursting>!



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