Yoga With A Big Side Of Gratitude

I woke up this morning feeling tired but so incredibly happy and grateful for everything and everyone in my life. We had a great weekend of friends, road-tripping, surfing and adventure and I feel renewed and happy.


After sleeping in different beds and sitting in the car for hours my body felt so stiff, so the first thing Isla and I did when we got up was roll out my yoga mat on our deck. There was a slight autumn chill in the air, which was refreshing and so welcomed after the extreme heat we’ve been getting.


This practice was filled with copious amounts of tomato seeds and getting fly swatted in the face a couple times, but even the small distractions couldn’t pull me out of my happy place.


Physically, I stretched, reached and wiped away the kinks. Mentally and emotionally I was renewed and given the positive energy to take on this day and this week.


I practiced gratitude at the end in meditation, I thought of 3 things that I am grateful for – although I could have thought of dozens of things, I focused on these three. I am usually a grateful person, but today my feeling is enhanced by some extra reminders from a podcast we listened to during one of our drives on the weekend with Tony Robbins (on The Tim Ferriss Show). I always thought Tony Robbins was a cheesy motivational speaker, but beneath all that I experienced the truth and magic in what he has to say, and man is it powerful! If you need a little reminder of gratitude, listen to this podcast.



Think of a few things you are grateful for.



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