Travel Feels and Yoga Vibes

Travelling for me is so much more than a nice beach and warm weather. Those are definite bonuses, but there are little things that happen when traveling that seem so minuscule, but can attribute a lot to my happiness.

An example being the other day when we made dinner and had to make use of the limited amount of dishes and cutlery we have at the place we’re staying. To some this may be annoying, but to Ryan and I, it is a positive. Because we are forced to be creative…Think about it, when you’re at home a simple task of making a stir fry can be pretty mindless. You use the same pan and choose your favourite bowl and fork, it doesn’t require any thought or creativity, you just do. It’s nice to not have to think about doing simple tasks, but there is something so beautiful and refreshing about having to problem solve, get creative and do new things, think new thoughts.
I always feel more ‘alive’ when I’m traveling but that’s also because I am forced to be spontaneous, be adventurous and go with the flow. It is a mindset that gets lost a little bit in my day to day life, one that isn’t usually needed when I have my routine.
Don’t get me wrong, I like routine, it usually helps me sleep at night and makes me feel safe. But without these little doses of creativity, spontaneity, and taking the time to appreciate new things and talk to new people, it pushes me to be a better person, accept the person I am and love a little more.
I feel brighter and lighter, not only because it’s always sunny here, but also because a mental fog has lifted, parts of my brain get to work that usually take time to rest back home.

Ryan and I are so lucky to be able to create these situations for ourselves and our family, we also know we need them to be full, to be happy, to be us.


Merry Christmas!


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