Tee-Off In Life

It has been a relaxing but exciting week off for me. It started out going to a friends cottage and having a week of beach, volleyball, drinks and friends. It is always nice to be by the lake – lake Huron to be exact. It definitely felt like we were on the Caribbean, minus the salty air. but smell’s aside, my eyes were fooled.
It got Ryan and I thinking more and more about our long-awaited journey and adventure that we have started seriously thinking about in this past month.
But before I get into that dream (soon to be reality), let me tell you a little about me and my wonderful week off.

I have been working in the Interior Design industry for 3-4 years now, at my current job for 1 1/2 years. It is a great job and I like the environment that is my day to day, but something is missing. And I know exactly what that something is; my need for adventure and travel.
The first time I set out was after high school in 2005, I backpacked around Central America for 3-4 months. Ever since the day I landed back in Canada (to pursue my Interior Design Diploma) I have been waiting to go back. Many things have happened since then including losing the most important man in my life (my dad to a heart attack), and gaining who has become the most amazing man in my life-  for life! About a month after my father passed, my college love (Ryan) came back into my life after a couple difficult years apart. Since we regained our relationship we moved in together in Toronto and have fallen deeper and deeper into love with each other and recently got engaged while on a little trip down to Belize.

Since the engagement, everyone has been asking when “the big day is”, and that made us feel like now is the best time in our lives to go on a journey. They money is saved and the plans have begun. It is feeling realer and realer by the day – and the countdown is on until Spanish, surfing and bumming around on a beach, or many beaches. We are so young, curious and capable of so many things, before we get married, buy a house and start popping out the babies (which we both can’t wait to do), we need a selfish trip; 6-12 months of everything we love and are passionate about. Experiencing new cultures, tasting new food, making new friends… We have such amazing lives right now; good jobs, great friends, so many activities that we love to do, that we know nothing will really change in those aspects of our lives, we are the ones that need to change our environment and just BE and LIVE and LOVE!

I started this blog because I am also on a self-discovery phase of my life because I am not ok with just living a mediocre life – although I have a great job, apartment, circle of friends, I feel selfish to say it, but that is not enough! I have all the love that I need, and now I need the PASSION in my life to make it all that it can be. I don’t know exactly what I want to do career wise in my life, but I am on the journey of self-discovery. I am 27 years old, and it is about time that I find my spark. Travelling could not come at a better time. Because I know that living the life I am currently living will stifle my self. I need to create an environment so conducive to self-discovery and self-learning that I cannot miss my next step. That environment for me is a daily dose of sun, sand, surf, being creative, yoga, eating well and balanced and loving. So in 4 months from now, that is what I will be doing.

This blog is a creative outlet for me; my journal is one thing, but I would like to share my journey with anyone that cares to follow. I think many people in their lives need to discover their passions, and whenever I hear of anyone who makes that 1st step, I am inspired and want to know all about it!

I also wanted to mention that the greatest book ever written for people in the same situation as myself (or pretty much anyone who wants more out of life) is: the four hour workweek by Tim Ferris. I am listening to this audiobook for the 2nd time (of many more I am sure), and am so inspired! He drills into his readers that the 9-5 grind is not anything anyone should settle for. That is not the be-all, end-all until retirement, he is of the mind-set that make you’re retirement happen now. Do what you can to minimize your work hours and maximize your time to do things you love. Ryan is doing a great job establishing his business so that he can do just that, minimal work hours put in, and maximum ‘play’ time. And man, that does for a WAY more enjoyable life, I just need to figure out what my things is and go for it.

More to come soon, travel plans, self-discovery, books read, inspirations, etc.

love life.

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