Slowing Down With 3 Months To Go!

27 Weeks and Growing Strong!
27 Weeks and Growing Strong!

My pregnancy has been beautiful so far and felt that I should write about it in its peak since it will most likely get harder in the coming 3 months.
I always looked longingly at a pregnant women and couldn’t wait to be pregnant myself, in this moment I couldn’t ask for anything else. It truly is magical and everyday something will blow my mind; the first kicks, the daily hiccups, hearing the heartbeat at the midwifes office…every step of this journey reminds me how crazy and miraculous life really is, especially the creation of life.

Up until a week ago I felt no different than I did before pregnancy except my clothes were getting tighter and I had a little more difficulty putting my shoes on and sitting up. But I think I finally got hit with the reality that there is a little human growing inside of me and that takes up a lot of my energy. I can’t plan my days like I used to, I can’t push myself through tired times with the promise that I’ll go to bed early. When I’m tired, I need to sleep and I learned that the hard way. We had an awesome weekend of visiting friends in the city, the sun was shining all day, we were outside, we got to catch up with friends we hadn’t seen in months. It wasn’t terribly active for me but it was exciting and that alone wiped me out. It took a minor exhaustion melt-down followed by a couple days of napping and early nights to recover and I learned this lesson.
I’ve always been one to push myself to my max. But now I am learning more than ever to take it easy, take that extra cat nap, because its not just me any more and this little baby is my reminder to slow down!

Another new sensation I’ve been experiencing is back pain. I’ve been fairly active so far, taking regular walks, doing yoga and some other light exercise, but now even a 30 minute walk will leave my lower back in great discomfort. I guess that’s what happens when you add a whole bunch of extra weight to your front side in a matter of weeks!
I am so lucky these have been my only issues so far, they are so minor and so manageable and I am blessed that the baby is healthy. But with these challenges I am learning the most important lessons I have been trying to learn for the past couple years; to listen to my body. I feel like if I can be in tune with my physical body, then the future and practice of being in tune with my mental state will only get stronger. This is a new journey that will no doubt push me to my limits in the coming months and I need to trust that I have the strength to deal with whatever comes my way and will listen to and feel what I need.
That’s all I can do, that and appreciate this phenomenon happening inside of me.

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