Road To (Even More) Happiness


I am currently reading a book called “the happiness project” by Gretchen Rubin which I have really been benefitting from, and I’m only 3/12 of the way into it. I love books like this because it makes me re-evaluate my life and lifelong goal/question of “am I happy”? Happiness is (and always has been) my main focus in life and if I feel that I can improve, then I make the changes necessary to be happier. This book is essentially a formula for happiness (which is different for every individual of course), but right now I am reading about the Author’s journey. As she stated at the beginning of the book that I could relate completely too is her saying that she is not an unhappy or depressed person; she has a job she loves, a wonderful family and home, she’s a generally happy person, but there is ALWAYS room for improvement. I have always felt this way, but have felt like there is almost something wrong with me. If everything in my life is good and on I feel happy, appreciative and lucky, then why do I feel like I need more? Well, it seems like I am not the only one, it is absolutely normal for a happy person to feel like they can increase their happiness levels, so that is what I am setting out to do. One statement that Gretchen wrote which resonated with me was that growth brings happiness; which really excites me because I am about to embark on this great journey of growth.

Here are a few things I would like to focus and work on while on this journey:

1) Learn spanish (be able to converse with a native speaker)

2) Learn Yoga! I think this task will be never-ending (and I have already begun), but I am setting out to build the foundation and knowledge behind the poses which will bring inner and outer peace. This in itself will be a huge feat, but as long as I stick with it, the learning is slow but so rewarding!

3) Learn to live in the moment, don’t think about planning every second of every day, live in the now while enjoying and appreciating every moment!

4) Be myself! Don’t try to be anything else than me! Follow my creative side, my adventurous side, my emotional side, my hyper side. I AM the way I am for a reason and I need to love and nourish every inch, inside and outside.

I am going to stop there, because of my planning nature, I could keep adding to this, and every single thing that I can improve upon in my life, but I feel that these 4 items are a perfect start. They cover a little bit of everything, with the Spanish I will be expanding my mind and my possibilities while travelling in Latin countries. Yoga will greatly benefit my life and physical and mental state. I feel like I can’t even imagine scratching the very surface of this great feat, it is such a vast sea of knowledge and learning, that will continually blow my mind. But that thought (although daunting) excites the heck out of me! Yoga and my state of being will also contribute to my goal of “living in the moment”, 100%. This has been something I have always struggled to do, but I am too young and free to be thinking about and planning for the future. And last but not least, be myself! Coming from my perfectionist nature, I sometimes try to be who I think I should be. That needs to stop, I need to listen to my body and my instinct and get in touch (this also goes hand in hand with yoga).

I will be tracking my successes and failures (which I need to accept will happen) daily, which will help me stay focused.

7 weeks!

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