Face Cream – Detoxifying My Home

I have to say, I’m pretty excited about the face cream I made and started using last week. I feel so good every time I put it on and it makes my skin feel so soft, I’m also convinced it’s making my skin look better, but that could just be mental – either way, I feel better! This recipe was… Read more →

Prenatal Yoga Practice

I’ve been baking baby Lowe numero dos (#2) for 19 weeks now, It’s crazy to think that we are almost half way there!

I feel fortunate to continue practicing yoga throughout this pregnancy because I’m also teaching prenatal yoga, so I’m constantly trying new things and getting new ideas for my classes. It’s so wonderful learning through the world of prenatal yoga, teaching it and practicing it myself, seeing what feels right for my rapidly changing body.

Soaking in these beautiful Summer-like Fall days before winter comes, hoping to be able to practice outside for many more days to come!


On another note – Isla is mostly practicing her savasana in this video, although her interest in yoga has been growing a lot lately. A book I’ve found to be very good at getting a toddler to participate is called Good Night Yoga which she loves doing before bed with me.


DIY Activities For A toddler

Isla will be turning two in less than a month, naturally she’s growing bored of her baby toys and ready to take her playing/learning to a new level. Lately I’ve been struggling to keep us both entertained all day long since she isn’t in daycare, and I’m home with her most days. Thankfully it’s been a gorgeous summer and we’ve… Read more →

Summer is finally HERE!

Enjoying this hawt weather, practicing yoga on the deck and feeling the sun on our faces.

We love summer! And Isla loves her “gymnastics” (aka balancing on a board).

Happy Monday Y’all!


Lia + Isla

Yoga Tantrum?

It’s not always hugs, kisses and love when we practice yoga together…today was the perfect example of imperfection… We were both tired and grumpy when we woke up, I thought some yoga together would help the situation but it made things worse.

This is what a sped up tantrum looks like 😧  It’s so hard when they can’t fully communicate what is bothering them, all she could say was “no mama yoya”. I’ve been learning a lot about tantrums lately since we are getting into them and man do they take the most amount of patience to deal with.

Well, here’s to all the tiny, intricate lessons we are constantly learning from our powerful little humans😂❤




Travel Feels and Yoga Vibes

Travelling for me is so much more than a nice beach and warm weather. Those are definite bonuses, but there are little things that happen when traveling that seem so minuscule, but can attribute a lot to my happiness. An example being the other day when we made dinner and had to make use of the limited amount of dishes and… Read more →