My Love For Traveling


Traveling is not waiting for things and experiences to come to you, but for you to go and find them.
Traveling is experiencing new smells, tastes, sights and sounds every day.
Traveling is not having fear to try new things.
Traveling is about letting go of your inhibitions, trying to communicate in different languages even though you don’t always know what you are saying.
Traveling is meeting new people, having in-depth conversations with complete strangers that you’ve only known for 2 minutes.
Traveling is following your gut, listening to your instincts when you can trust someone or need to watch your back.
Traveling is being able to live in the moment, make decisions and let go of regrets.
Traveling tells you the true nature of a person.
Traveling opens your mind.
Traveling tests your nerves and your problem solving skills.
Traveling allows you to connect with yourself on a level that is hard to reach when you’re distracted with regular everyday ‘life’ and work.
Traveling makes you appreciate everything you have.
Traveling is not knowing what to expect, not having a plan.
Traveling is the best thing you could do for yourself.

Traveling is beautiful.
Traveling is passion.
Traveling is life.

Never stop the journey.

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