My Journey To Becoming A Yoga Teacher And Making Myself


I’ve had a bit of a career slump the past 5 years or so…From working a high stress Interior Design job in Toronto to being a stay at home mom, I’ve dabbled here and there figuring out what I can do to make a little bit of money, but more importantly get satisfaction from and enjoy doing everyday! I think by now, after many, many years of trying to “find myself” and “find my passion”, I’ve realized that there will never be ONE passion, there are many things in life that will bring me great gratification. Isla has definitely been my highlight so far, spending time with her and actively parenting has been incredibly important in my life, and I’m sure will only get better (and more challenging). But with that comes the fear that many parents may feel – the feeling that you will give ALL of yourself to your children and keep very little for yourself. Fast forward 18 years, your kids go off to college as these amazing, independent humans you’ve raised…and you’re lost!


One of my favourite quotes and reminders from Tim Ferriss is “You don’t find yourself, you make yourself”. So I set out to a make a version of myself that I have been thinking of for a while. Becoming a Yoga Teacher is an idea I’ve dabbled with ever since I started practicing yoga 4-5 years ago. So when this Fall I felt like I really needed something for myself, (perhaps I felt a little bit of myself slipping away), I took the leap and signed up for the 3 month long, intensive teacher training here in Peterborough. It has been so busy, but so wonderful and I feel like I’ve found the missing piece. I have a purpose and an end goal, I feel challenged, I’m learning…a lot! And best of all, I come home after training all day, and I miss Isla, I feel like I’m a better, more engaged mom when I’m with her outside of training.


I know that this isn’t the ‘be all end all’ of my life and interests, they will always be changing. But this is the best reminder to keep learning, exploring and improving myself, not just for myself and my own happiness, but for my marriage, Isla and any future parenting. No matter how many children I have, or the limited amount of time I have for myself, I need to make time for my own interests. And I want my kids to grow seeing their parents engaged, interested and passionate about their own life. That is the only way they will learn to be that way when they grow up.


On that note, yesterday was probably the last time practicing yoga outside this year. We’ve been having an unusually warm fall!


Isla loves running around me, playing by herself and bringing me things when I’m on my mat doing yoga. She’s even starting to do some yoga poses and imitate me a little bit. I look forward to all the yoga that we will do together in the future.


What do you need in your life to make yourself your best version of you? Make and plan and DO IT!



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