Journey To My New, Healthy, Yoga Lifestyle


I felt a spark yesterday, and it was so exciting that I want to try and see if I can ignite this spark into a flame. I bumped into the facebook page of Rachel Brathen – a travelling yoga instructor and all around ray of sunshine and saw a glimpse of a life that I could live and it was so exciting and attractive. I’ve felt an inclination to yoga for years but I don’t think I have tried the right kind for me yet. I have practiced solely Bikram Yoga, which consists of doing 26 poses in an extremely hot room. Although I always found this 90 minutes the most challenging of my life, I always felt great afterwards, but the past couple classes I have attended have been less than enjoyable. Since I already have low blood pressure, I find that if I don’t have enough food or water that day I have to lay down most of the class because I get so light headed. So I am on a journey to try new styles of yoga, and yesterday I tried a beginners Vinyassa class which I liked quite a bit. After discovering Rachel’s site with all her photos I have a very clear personal goal (one of many); to do a handstand! She has so many pictures of herself in the tropical destinations where she does retreats and she is doing handstands with all sorts of beautiful backdrops.

This life is so attractive to me because I have always felt so interested in health and nutrition, it would be so ideal to incorporate health, fitness and positivity into my everyday lifestyle and if the flames of my passion turn into a raging fire, then share that wealth of knowledge and positive energy with others – and start teaching.

This is a path that will not come easily, buy if I stick with it and keep reminding myself of my desire (and use Rachel Brathen’s site to regularly motivate me to be better and keep going), this will be an amazing journey. What better place to pursue this journey than while travelling? I will have time to get up with the sun, go down to the beach and be at one with this beautiful world. I will not have to worry about going to work and worry about all the obligations I have, because that will become my obligation.

January 2014 is the start of the new me. I’ll be in Costa Rica with my boyfriend learning to surf and speak Spanish, and starting the new yog-lia, and working towards that handstand!


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