Isla’s First Yoga Class

Isla and I had the best morning together today. I am so enjoying this age – she is curious, inquisitive, generous and I couldn’t be more proud to see her becoming this awesome little human.


Heading out to our first baby/mom yoga
Heading out to our first baby/mom yoga


Today we went to a baby and mom yoga class offered free for Peterborough Breastfeeding Week. She was the oldest one there but she seemed to really enjoy herself. She stayed on my mat and played or read her book while I did some yoga poses, and she even did a couple of them with me. It was pretty neat because we ran into my midwife who delivered Isla, who now has a 6 week old. It was great to see her and catch up, we saw each other so often during my pregnancy I feel like she became a friend – such a great person! #midwivesareawesome


Then we sauntered on over to the Silver Bean cafe for a coffee and play – they have a great little area with toys for kids to play. Isla is definitely coming out of her shell and becoming a little more outgoing in public. I am constantly blown away with how sweet and bright she is. I may keep saying this as she ages, but this age is definitely my favourite so far. It’s like having a fun little buddy with me everywhere I go.


She is also practicing her independence and loves to walk everywhere on her own. Here she is, cruising the streets while casually chomping on an apple.




I hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful autumn week!



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