Isla’s First Trick-or-Treat Halloween

I bought Isla a lion Halloween costume last year even though she was only 3 months old. Obviously she didn’t trick-or-treat last year, but I did put it on her for about 2 minutes, in which time she screamed until I took it off.


Isla Halloween 2015
Isla Halloween 2015
Isla Halloween 2016
Isla Halloween 2016

This year it was a little more successful with the costume. We prepped her with her lion costume for the past month or so. She loved it and carried it around with her as if it was a stuffy.

Our trick-or-treating was pretty successful as well, we went around the block and all the neighbours were thrilled to see her all dressed up. The weather was perfect and she loved every minute of it!


img_20161031_181036 img_20161031_174307


I was never a huge fan of Halloween growing up, but last night was so much fun, and I know that the older she gets the more fun we will have watching her joy and excitement that comes with the day.


Aaaannd…We got a few treats.

Not bad for her first year...
Not bad for her first year…

Hope you all had just as much fun!



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