Ice Cream For Breakfast

Yup, you heard that right folks – Ice Cream for breakfast, without having to feel guilty about it! Not to mention it is sugar-free, dairy-free and very inexpensive to make!

This recipe is super easy, only takes a couple of minutes, and only requires 3 ingredients! In this batch I’ve used frozen bananas, cocoa powder and coconut cream.


Watch this short video to see how I made it:



3 simple ingredients


Chocolate Banana Coconut Ice Cream



2 frozen bananas (peel freeze them when they are ripe with brown spots on them)

1 cup coconut cream (from a can – refrigerate can and scoop out cream from top)

1 tbsp cocoa powder





Add bananas, coconut cream and cocoa powder to the blender, blend until smooth (it is pretty thick so you may need to help it along with a utensil). Pour mixture into a glass tupperware and freeze for a few hours or overnight.

Scoop and enjoy!


Great for babies too!
She ate the entire bowl full!
She ate the entire bowl full!

Isla is just learning to use a spoon, so this was pretty messy, but this great bowl by boon made it much easier, it has a suction on the bottom so she can’t lift it up and pour it all over their head!


Let me know how you like it!


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