Growing Belly And Melting Snow



1 month later I remember this blog exists… it’s so easy to just push it to the back of my mind when I’m at home living my busy life. The inspiration to write is so much stronger when I’m travelling, but a feeling I want to be able to access everyday.

A lot has happened this month, we finished off our trip in Peru, endured 24 hours of travel back to Toronto (this was the hardest part of the trip for me – planes are so hard to sleep on!). We’ve been back for a little over 2 weeks in which time we have visited with family, had a midwife and ultrasound visit, gotten the business moving forward again, re-connected with our fur-baby, and watched my belly grow…a lot! Pretty much the day we landed in Canada, our baby decided to grow and show. I have since had to purchase maternity pants and (sadly) put all of my favorite jeans into storage until the fall, and implemented the Capsule Wardrobe that I talked about in my last post (it’s way easier to cut down when half my clothes don’t fit anymore). I have been living in high-wasted leggings and loose tops, and pretty much loving life. People always talked about loving pregnancy and feeling their best, but experiencing it is seriously the best, I have never felt healthier. Yes, I get physically tired more quickly and have slight issues moving certain ways with the growing bump, but as time goes on, I am ecstatic to have this little kicking baby inside of me. It is a feeling that no one can understand until they actually FEEL it. Ryan felt the first kick a month ago, it was small like a little tap, and since then it has increased to feeling like a (sometimes painful) strong boot! I feel it numerous times a day and am amazed every time it happens, I always have to stop what I’m doing and put my hand to my belly to feel it in 2 places.  I know I have a few months to go, and it will get harder the bigger I get, but I am going to enjoy every last second of this pregnancy bliss!

In other news, we have been implementing a strict business plan with Butter and we are feeling good about the momentum we are getting. Ryan is starting up a very exciting new business for the community which is getting LOTS of traction so far. I can’t wait to see the progress that ChoreNextDoor gains in Peterborough, I know it is a service that is needed here. And I have a very exciting new venture on the horizon that I can’t wait to get started on (stay tuned – it is baby related :). Spring is finally arriving, and I’m able to spend much more time outdoors, walking around and exploring this new community. I’m feeling very excited about living here and getting to know more local folk. This town seriously has the friendliest people, from shoppers in the grocery store, to neighbors down the street, I think this place will feel more like a home in the coming months. I don’t think all these exciting things would be happening without the serious recharge we got while travelling in Ecuador and Peru – a direct correlation with our happiness, productivity and success.

Hoping everyone is feeling the warmth of the sun and feeling of renewal as the snow melts and the grass turns green. We are so lucky to get these changing seasons where we live, it really does make us appreciate the new beginnings.

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