Free As A Bird


This past weekend I conquered a fear that has been with me for at least 5 years. I got a tattoo! I have wanted this exact tattoo on my ribs/back for much of my adult life, but the thought of the pain and use of ‘needles’ scared me away from doing it.

Then finally on my inspirational week off, listening to Tim Ferris talk about conquering fears and doing 1 thing you fear every single day. After that chapter I immediately started thinking more seriously about getting it. So with the use of a miracle numbing cream (emla) and Ryan by my side (not to mention watching ‘Office Space’ to distract me), it was a great combination. I didn’t even faint (which is a recurring thing for me when there are needles present).

The feeling I had when I walked out of that tattoo studio was incredible. Conquering a fear that large in my mind, finding out it was the exact opposite from what I expected gave me a new light that now makes me feel like anything is possible.

This tattoo symbolizes the feeling of absolute freedom, there is something so beautiful in watching birds fly, maybe because I always thought about how wonderful it would be to feel the wind in my wings. I also chose exactly 21 birds, this number has been significant my whole life, a family favourite (also the date of my parent’s anniversary). And last, but certainly not least, this tattoo signifies me facing my fear and coming out on top. Something that I will be doing more and more frequently in my life!


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