Double Yoga Flow Day

I did a couple of yoga flows this morning – the first one was pre Isla’s nap, which was mostly me breastfeeding a tired baby and trying to get a couple stretches in while I was at it. The second attempt was during her nap which meant some uninterrupted yoga time for me, and time to move and feel some new stretches my body was craving.


When I have distractions and am not 100% focused on listening to my body and what it needs, I fall into doing the same poses… But when I have the luxury of even 10 minutes to myself on my mat, I step outside my box a little bit and get even bigger benefits from it.


And to take it to the next level, I am going to start going to a yoga class once a week. I haven’t been to an actual class for over a year! The last classes I attended were pre-natal, but since having Isla I haven’t made it a priority. But I am getting to the point where I need to be pushed and need some new perspectives and challenges that come with new teachers and their styles. I LOVE practicing on my own – it has taken a lot of time to get comfortable, but the new challenge will help me grow.


Here is my attempted flow with Isla:



And here is my solo flow:








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