Do What You Feel

I find that I am constantly setting goals for myself; do yoga every day, stop drinking coffee, cut out gluten, etc… And I am always pretty good at sticking to them, I am a fairly disciplined person, it suits my personality. But in going with the new, free me, I am going to try things a little differently over the next couple months.

This came about when I was biking to work this morning, and I was thinking: “Gawd, I can’t wait to have a coffee when I get to work”, then my usual thought process would be like “no coffee for you, have a cup of green tea instead, it’s better for you”. But then I though “No! If I feel like having a coffee today then have one!” and if I feel like sleeping in instead of getting up early and doing yoga, then do that too!

I think so many people build their lives around rules, and personally, because of that I am always thinking of how much I want something because I “can’t have it”…I am going to try and change that thought process because if I don’t discipline myself and give in to my cravings or temptations and really listen to what my body is telling me, then I think I will be more in tuned with my self and feel happier. I’m going to stop trying to be the perfect person I should be. So with that, I’m going to go to bed at 7pm if I’m exhausted or have ice cream for breakfast if I’m craving it. It’s time to start living on the wild side and stepping outside of my comfort zone!


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