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Road To (Even More) Happiness

I am currently reading a book called “the happiness project” by Gretchen Rubin which I have really been benefitting from, and I’m only 3/12 of the way into it. I love books like this because it makes me re-evaluate my life and lifelong goal/question of “am I happy”? Happiness is (and always has been) my main focus in life and… Read more →

Do What You Feel

I find that I am constantly setting goals for myself; do yoga every day, stop drinking coffee, cut out gluten, etc… And I am always pretty good at sticking to them, I am a fairly disciplined person, it suits my personality. But in going with the new, free me, I am going to try things a little differently over the… Read more →

Tee-Off In Life

It has been a relaxing but exciting week off for me. It started out going to a friends cottage and having a week of beach, volleyball, drinks and friends. It is always nice to be by the lake – lake Huron to be exact. It definitely felt like we were on the Caribbean, minus the salty air. but smell’s aside,… Read more →