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2017 – Our Year in Review

I love the idea of recapping and looking back on awesome things and highlights in my life. So I’ve decided to do a review at the end of each year (Let’s see how that goes with 2 kids next January :p) 2017 was an awesome year for us, and it started out in tropical Hawaii!   JANUARY 2017   We… Read more →

Travel Feels and Yoga Vibes

Travelling for me is so much more than a nice beach and warm weather. Those are definite bonuses, but there are little things that happen when traveling that seem so minuscule, but can attribute a lot to my happiness. An example being the other day when we made dinner and had to make use of the limited amount of dishes and… Read more →

Growing Belly And Melting Snow

  1 month later I remember this blog exists… it’s so easy to just push it to the back of my mind when I’m at home living my busy life. The inspiration to write is so much stronger when I’m travelling, but a feeling I want to be able to access everyday. A lot has happened this month, we finished… Read more →

4 Tips For Traveling While Pregnant

I have been blessed with an especially easy and symptom-free pregnancy so far (knocking on wood), so when we found out we were expecting and decided to extend our previously planned 2 week trip to Ecuador to 2 months (Ecuador and Peru), I wasn’t too worried. I am however, a little more of a cautious traveler now. Here are a couple… Read more →

Appreciation And Failure

I am already a pretty appreciative person, it’s rare that a day goes by without thinking of how lucky I am. Whether I’m appreciating my friends, family, current location, my cozy house or my abilities, I do naturally make a habit of it and typically feel overwhelmed by it the feeling. When I was in college, I used to walk 20… Read more →

Yogin’ Around In Ecuador

How can I not be inspired with this view everyday? Practicing yoga is always a centering and grounding experience, but in a setting like this, it adds just that much more motivation and tranquility. The post-practice feeling is sheer…bliss. A feeling that I know I can carry within myself regardless of the backdrop and temperature, it’s just easier here Read more →

Back In Granada, Nicaragua

Here we are in Granada Nicaragua, a city I loved 8 years ago and still seem to have a strong feeling for. Let me begin with our long journey here, we started on Sunday from Santa Teresa because our hostel had no more availability. From there we took a bus to Montezuma (via Cordoba) and stayed there for 1 night.… Read more →

New Year, New Country

New year; starting it off right in Costa Rica. So far we have enjoyed a leisurely breakfast consisting of fresh fruit and coffee, went down to the beach for some swimming and a workout, walked into town for breakfast and smoothies and now getting ready to take a siesta. And its only 1 in the afternoon. Life is good. This… Read more →