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Papaya Please

I have never bought a papaya (in Canada) before. I’ve always wanted to, but never have for some reason. I guess there are lots of other fruits that I love and go to before papayas. In Latin American countries, they are plentiful, so I tend to eat them more when travelling. Papaya’s have a lot of juicy goodness, and are an excellent aid… Read more →

Garden Salad Smoothie

This smoothie was a great alternative to eating raw chopped veggies. It had 3 carrots, 2 garden cucumbers and a bunch of greens hidden in the sweetness.   As always, it was super easy to make and I used up all my fruits that were about to expire.   Ingredients: Carrots – 3 chopped Cucumbers – 2 chopped Mixed greens… Read more →

Sneaking Veggies Into A Babies Diet

The older Isla gets the more aware she is of the food she is eating. She is absolutely fruit obsessed, but isn’t always too keen on eating her veggies on their own. A good way to ensure she is getting enough greens is through these smoothies I make most days. I’ve always enjoyed green smoothies myself and am happy to… Read more →