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A few Pre-Baby Thoughts

As my due date is fast approaching (only 2 weeks from Thursday) I can’t help but feel a crazy mix of emotions but overall feeling of calm. The main feeling is sheer excitement to meet this little gal that’s been kicking inside of me for almost a year. To try and distract myself I have been keeping incredibly busy; making… Read more →

Slowing Down With 3 Months To Go!

My pregnancy has been beautiful so far and felt that I should write about it in its peak since it will most likely get harder in the coming 3 months. I always looked longingly at a pregnant women and couldn’t wait to be pregnant myself, in this moment I couldn’t ask for anything else. It truly is magical and everyday something… Read more →

Growing Belly And Melting Snow

  1 month later I remember this blog exists… it’s so easy to just push it to the back of my mind when I’m at home living my busy life. The inspiration to write is so much stronger when I’m travelling, but a feeling I want to be able to access everyday. A lot has happened this month, we finished… Read more →

4 Tips For Traveling While Pregnant

I have been blessed with an especially easy and symptom-free pregnancy so far (knocking on wood), so when we found out we were expecting and decided to extend our previously planned 2 week trip to Ecuador to 2 months (Ecuador and Peru), I wasn’t too worried. I am however, a little more of a cautious traveler now. Here are a couple… Read more →