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Improve Your Gut Health – Sauerkraut Recipe

Want to improve your gut health but don’t want to pay a lot of money for a good quality probiotic pill? Well friend, it’s time to up your intake of fermented foods. Komboucha, Keffir, Kimchi, and Sauerkraut are the main ones, in my opinion, sauerkraut is the easiest to make, least expensive and yummiest!


Improving your gut health can improve digestion as well as improve your immunity, and who doesn’t need a little boost at this time of year (hello daycare and school moms). My entire family just got the cold and I’m happy to say that my bout lasted for about 24 hours – when usually I would have been sniffly/coughing for at least a week!


I made my very first how-to video (hello amateur video :p ) , so you can check it out, OR find another more professional how-to video out there…either way, get making! And Eating! Your gut will thank you!


Oh, and the best thing? There are only 2 ingredients: cabbage and salt. You can also add any flavours if you like (chives, garlic, ginger, hot peppers, etc), but I suggest starting with the basic recipe, then experimenting with other flavours in later batches.



P.S. I used a Chinese Cabbage because that’s all they had at the store, and I wouldn’t use it again because the Kraut was a little soft. If you use a regular cabbage, it will be nice and crunchy!


Enjoy šŸ˜‰



Healthy Granola Recipe

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Papaya Please

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Garden Salad Smoothie

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Ice Cream For Breakfast

Yup, you heard that right folks – Ice Cream for breakfast, without having to feel guilty about it! Not to mention it is sugar-free, dairy-free and very inexpensive to make!

This recipe is super easy, only takes a couple of minutes, and only requires 3 ingredients! In this batch I’ve used frozen bananas, cocoa powder and coconut cream.


Watch this short video to see how I made it:



3 simple ingredients


Chocolate Banana Coconut Ice Cream



2 frozen bananas (peel freeze them when they are ripe with brown spots on them)

1 cup coconut cream (from a can – refrigerate can and scoop out cream from top)

1 tbsp cocoa powder





Add bananas, coconut cream and cocoa powder to the blender, blend until smooth (it is pretty thick so you may need to help it along with a utensil). Pour mixture into a glass tupperware and freeze for a few hours or overnight.

Scoop and enjoy!


Great for babies too!
She ate the entire bowl full!
She ate the entire bowl full!

Isla is just learning to use a spoon, so this was pretty messy, but this great bowl by boon made it much easier, it has a suction on the bottom so she can’t lift it up and pour it all over their head!


Let me know how you like it!