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Prenatal Yoga Practice

I’ve been baking baby Lowe numero dos (#2) for 19 weeks now, It’s crazy to think that we are almost half way there!

I feel fortunate to continue practicing yoga throughout this pregnancy because I’m also teaching prenatal yoga, so I’m constantly trying new things and getting new ideas for my classes. It’s so wonderful learning through the world of prenatal yoga, teaching it and practicing it myself, seeing what feels right for my rapidly changing body.

Soaking in these beautiful Summer-like Fall days before winter comes, hoping to be able to practice outside for many more days to come!


On another note – Isla is mostly practicing her savasana in this video, although her interest in yoga has been growing a lot lately. A book I’ve found to be very good at getting a toddler to participate is called Good Night Yoga which she loves doing before bed with me.


Summer is finally HERE!

Enjoying this hawt weather, practicing yoga on the deck and feeling the sun on our faces.

We love summer! And Isla loves her “gymnastics” (aka balancing on a board).

Happy Monday Y’all!


Lia + Isla

Isla’s First Yoga Class

Isla and I had the best morning together today. I am so enjoying this age – she is curious, inquisitive, generous and I couldn’t be more proud to see her becoming this awesome little human.     Today we went to a baby and mom yoga class offered free for Peterborough Breastfeeding Week. She was the oldest one there but… Read more →

Islas First Year In A Nutshell

Time seems to slip away more than ever now that we have a little one. The first few months are a total blur, brought to you by lack of sleep and getting to know a new little human. Everyone who knows me well, knows that I speak openly about my struggles adapting to my new life in the first 6… Read more →