Back In Granada, Nicaragua


Here we are in Granada Nicaragua, a city I loved 8 years ago and still seem to have a strong feeling for.

Let me begin with our long journey here, we started on Sunday from Santa Teresa because our hostel had no more availability. From there we took a bus to Montezuma (via Cordoba) and stayed there for 1 night. The next morning we left Montezuma to Paquera where we boarded a ferry to Puntarenas, a town I hope I don’t have to visit again. One quick sleep in our window-less room in Puntaerenas and then had our tica-bus to board yesterday afternoon. After about 4 hours of driving on our comfortable, air-cinditioned bus, we reached the Nicaraguan boarder. The boarder-crossing took about 1-2 hours and then we drove another couple hours to Granada. We originally planned on going strait to Popoyo yesterday but we missed the last connecting bus, so decided on a whim to continue on to Granada for the night. I managed to remember part of the name of the cool hostel I stayed at last time (bearded monkey) and here we are!

The act of ‘traveling’ in these countries is quite an ordeal. I’ve learned a few things such as: 1) how lucky we are to have the transportation systems that we do in Canada. As much as I complain about grayhound or TTC, we seriously do have it good! 2) You can never be in a rush, you need to take your time and just go with the flow. 3) Enjoy the journey just as much as the reaching the destination, it’s half the fun!

I’m very happy to be back in this country, it has a great vibe, not to mention it is super cheap! We have a small, simple room and are paying $6/each a night (compared to $18-25/each in Costa Rica). We have also found nothing but delicious food in this city!

It turns out that we will stay here for another night since the internet connection is great here and Ryan has some work he needs to get done. Which leaves me lots of time to explore and wander this pretty little city once again and get caught up on some much needed ‘chilling’ :p.

Tomorrow we will journey to the beach, just in time for my birthday :)

Love and happiness!

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