Welcome to the EmiliaVida blog! Emilia is my full name and Vida means life in Spanish – and this blog is comprised of random little snippets of my life. I live a very happy and healthy life in Peterborough, Ontario with my husband, 2 year old daughter, with 1 more on the way, and tailless cat, Jackson.

On this blog you will find a lot of stories of my life related to being a new parent and navigating the crazy but awesome waters. You will also see some videos of me attempting a yoga practice while Isla climbs all over me. And I’ll share some recipes (usually of the smoothie variety) that I think you’d like. I’m also learning a lot about Essential Oils, so you’ll see bits of them scattered around 😉

Take a gander, read some blog articles, check out some Instagram pictures (mostly of my ridiculously cute daughter), I hope to make it an interesting visit for you! And feel free to connect with me at any time, I’d love to chat 🙂