A few Pre-Baby Thoughts

As my due date is fast approaching (only 2 weeks from Thursday) I can’t help but feel a crazy mix of emotions but overall feeling of calm. The main feeling is sheer excitement to meet this little gal that’s been kicking inside of me for almost a year. To try and distract myself I have been keeping incredibly busy; making the crib, washing and folding baby clothes, packing an emergency hospital bag, cleaning the house, making and preparing meals for post-baby, and getting as much work on our business done before our days turn into jumble of sleep-deprived euphoria. Every night I go to sleep I think that this could be the night I go into labour so I try to get as much sleep as possible so I am well-rested. Every meal I eat I try to make as nutritious and filling as possible in case it is my last meal before the marathon of labour begins. I find I am feeling a nostalgic love for Ryan knowing that these next few weeks will be our last as only 2 of us. I know that having a new addition in our little family will make it that much better (just as the new addition of our cat/first child Jackson did a few years ago). But I am realistic and know that we will be faced with many more challenges and exhausted obstacles to overcome in our years of future parenting.

This next major chapter of my life is one I have imagined for most of my life, it feels so big, and yet so right. I know that it will change my life and my priorities, but I can’t imagine anything else right now. Being an anxious person at times, I am surprised at how calm and peaceful I feel about this change, and that in itself is giving me all the confidence I need to move forward.

I’m ready for you baby!

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