2017 – Our Year in Review

I love the idea of recapping and looking back on awesome things and highlights in my life. So I’ve decided to do a review at the end of each year (Let’s see how that goes with 2 kids next January :p)

2017 was an awesome year for us, and it started out in tropical Hawaii!




We were on the island of Oahu, Hawaii for the entire month, our friends came to visit us, and Ryan and I both celebrated our 31st birthdays!

From airbnb-ing in Makaha, Ryan surfing some of his best waves, camping at Malaekehana, then settling in to our long term Airbnb on the North Shore…Getting used to Hawaii time and Isla’s 4am wake-ups.


Celebrating Ry’s 31st Birthday on Kailua Beach
Hiking Waimea Valley with the Buds




Still in Hawaii, settling into our North Shore home and into a schedule for Isla. Taking lots of day trips around the island. Sunset Beach pillbox hike, watching our first Surf Competition (!), wanderlust at Turtle Bay, Isla making a new friend with our landlord/neighbors little guy, going to the beach everyday, Ryan surfing a tonne, diving into daily yoga practice and healthy eating…finally after 1.5 years postpartum, physically feeling like myself again.


Isla starting to take interest in practicing yoga with me – on our back deck
Sleeping bunnies on the beach at Turtle Bay while Ry surfs
At the top of a sunset beach pillbox hike
At Kailua Beach – one of my fave’s on the island!


MARCH 2017


Going to our first Luau at Paradise Cove (Isla danced the night away!), getting hit by a terrible flu, more hikes, lots of target visits (I was obsessed!), more beaches and surfing! Our last month on the island πŸ™


Visiting the Honolulu Zoo (Super awesome!)
Isla and Thor being adorable
Luau at Paradise Cove
Ryan dying of the flu and Isla (most likely) watching Paw Patrol :s
On another hike (we are so not hikers, but the views are worth it)
One of our numerous Target visits (our rainy day activity), Isla got to know the target pup well
Isla eating Pho for the first time…it’s still her favourite meal!


APRIL 2017


Time we get back to reality and real life. We left the beautiful island…Ryan was looking forward to going home, I was crying because I didn’t want to leave this beautiful island. Despite the sadness, happy to be returning home to see family, friends, our cat and get back to some sort of normalcy. Visited lots of parks, celebrated Easter, saw family…and more parks!


On the flight back home
Riverview Zoo park – we frequented this playground!
Isla’s first Easter Egg hunt in our backyard
Delicious Easter feast with the family
Swinging with uncle Daniel
Isla and Jax reunited!


MAY 2017


Celebrating my 2nd Mother’s Day, day trips to a petting zoo, and more hikes and parks. Taking my Prenatal Teacher Training Course and teaching my first Yoga classes!


Visiting a farm for the day
Rainy day hike
Getting an apple tree for mothers day – can’t wait for this tree to grow!
Completing my Prenatal Teacher Training Corse at Yoga Mama’s – such a life-changing experience!


JUNE 2017


Finding out I was pregnant!!! Getting my garden planted and growing, and Ryan perfecting his sourdough bread.


Strawberry Cage and garden beginnings.
Ryan finally mastered Sourdough!!!
My mom making our front lawn look amazing with her mad gardening skills!
Spending lots of time at Beavermead beach
One of our many morning walks to Silver Bean Cafe
Isla feeding chippy’s in Hamilton


JULY 2017


Daytrips, concerts, cottages, morning sickness, ice cream…all the summer goodness!



At the RGB with family!
Train rides at the Zoo
At the Ptbo musicfest enjoying her pink ice cream
Morning sickness + extreme summer heat = lots of time spent in the basement watching cartoons :p
Ryan wake-surfing at a friends cottage
Visiting lavender fields




Backcountry camping in the Kawarthas, getting our first ultrasound, fishing trips in town…


Jax getting shampoo’d after getting skunked!
Their love is fierce <3
Baby Lowe #2
Making sushi for the first time (haven’t done it since :P)
One of our favourite spots to walk to near Silver Bean cafe
Our first mussel experience – moules frites at St. Veronus on a date night πŸ˜‰
Ryan’s fishing obsession begins




Wasaga Beach visit and attempted surf,Β  celebrating 3 years of marriage! Updating our home.

Surfing at Wasaga
The beginning of Sourdough crust pizza…Mmmmm
The only time she has EVER let us put her hair in a ponytail!
Ry and Ty catching fish at Sharbot Lake
Orono Fair!
Backyard Beauty, sanding our new dining table
New dining table and chairs!
Celebrating our 3 year anniversary on a romantic getaway at Lake Simcoe <3
Canoeing at Lake Simcoe
My loves <3




Teaching Yoga, working hard, growing the baby, finding out we are having another girl! Family visits and Thanksgiving.


The bump begins to grow, and we find out it’s a girl!
Visiting Ripley’s Aquarium with uncle Noah <3
Thanksgiving Dinner
Morning snuggles
Who needs a truck anyways…prepping for some reno’s
Ryan installing a door for his new office!




Finished Office reno’s, Nanny got a cat, getting ready for Xmas, belly bump continues to grow! Busy teaching lots of Yoga πŸ™‚

We got a new rug, and Ryan finished the office!
Nanny got a cat! Java Girl <3
I started making jewelry again, this time I have a little helper
Post bath baby-Isla




Getting ready for Christmas, SO MUCH SNOW, baking cookies, decorating, family,

Getting our Christmas tree
Ryan’s Sourdough game continues to be strong!
Isla’s first time bowling (and loving it!)
Decorating Christmas Cookies
Ryan building a quinzy
Snow walks and getting used to the new toboggan
Merry Christmas 2017!
Isla and Ava partying it up at our Parent’s style New years party


What a year! Such a good way to look back and recap. If you’ve made it this far, good for you! Can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for us (other than a new addition to the family <3)



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